Simple Gardening Tips

Gardening is a very healthy exercise. Not only do you get to spend outside, you also move around and make use of your limbs, thus getting some much needed exercise to your muscles and limbs. Gardening has no age barrier and can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who have the time and love to devote to a garden. There are small tips that our elders have passed on to us in terms of gardening. Although there are more precise techniques now a day with fancy named chemicals, these old techniques still may come in handy. Here are a few.

Pruning trees

Pruning is essential for a tree to grow. From time to time, especially the bushes, need to be pruned so as to allow a better healthier growth. Especially ones such as rose bushes, need constant care and need to be pruned at just the right moment. For larger trees, you may have to get the services of a tree lopping in Sunshine Coast company.

They usually have the required machinery and facilities to cut and remove large branches without damaging the surrounding area. On a side note, they usually do palm tree removals as well, so if you want to get rid of a rather annoying palm tree which is taking up all the nutrients from the soil, these form of professional services will come in handy.

The Fertilizer

Although the modern gardening techniques say to fill it up with all forms of ‘organic’ chemicals and spray the plants with pesticides, the best form of fertilizer is the kitchen waste that we throw out. Although we do not notice, there are a lot of nutrients hidden away in our kitchen waste. If you have a large garden, or even space enough to get a compost bin, bring in your kitchen waste and dump it in to be recycled. From time to time, cover up the top layer with soil and within a few weeks you will be able to open the bottom flap to find rich compost soil, perfect for your plants. Other items such as old tea leaves, which are antioxidants are also very effective in rooting plants and will boost the growth significantly and can be added to the plants directly. Especially if you are planning on eating the fruits and vegetables you grow, stay away from the pesticides. Having bugs and worms in your vegetables only mean that they are healthy enough for the animals to eat and thus are attracted to them. It is the vegetables without worms that you need to worry about.