The Three Important Steps The Arborist Has To Follow When Hired By A Developer

If you are planning to build a new construction, you have to know that there are many laws regarding nature and trees and you shouldn’t start designing the new house or block if you don’t know how trees should be treated. Therefore, you should hire a specialist and avoid future problems.

If you want to avoid all issues, hire from the start a consulting arborist and he will be there all the way, from the first sketches, until the building will be rising in the neighborhood. With an expert near you every time you need to take a decision, there will never be mistakes that will cost you money. You will learn how to find a balance between the structures and the trees and these will give your construction an environmental friendly stamp. 

There are three big steps when the expertise of a consultant might help you and these steps cover in fact the entire process of designing and building:

1. The incipient stage that will dictate the course of action

After you found a consultant and you decide to use his services, both of you will sit down and discuss about every aspect of the project you want to bring to reality and what the land offers you. These discussions are usually after a visit, when the arborist can analyze the area and see how the site is constrained. This first visit has also a big importance for the developer, because the arborist will explain to him now what the laws say, how they need to action, what is legal and what isn’t. It is even more intelligent to bring a consultant before you purchase the site, because he will make you understand what you can build there and how your project has to be adapted. If you decide over the site now you can think about the design and the arborist will help you plan it in a way that will be approved by the authorities on your first submission, saving money and time with more proposals.

2. Now it’s time for the actual design

After you know how the project should look like, the design has to be put on paper. The arborist will analyze the design and as you are deciding over certain aspects, he will analyze the impact upon the trees. Moreover, the trees have to be protected during the development and the consultant will help you regarding this aspect as well.

3. The consulting arborist will supervise you

After you receive all the approvals, you can start the construction, but the arborist has to be there during the entire period and supervise you, assuring the authorities that you are following the approved plan.